Lake Iseo and the Franciacorta

A corner of Lombardy rich in art, history and nature


Lake Iseo and Monte Isola: guided tours of the Lake Area

Lake Iseo and Monte Isola: discover the lake-side jewels of the province of Brescia along the shores of a historical lake nestled between the Alps and the Po River Valley. Lake Iseo, also known to locals as "Sebino", is a large lake basin located in Lombardy at the foot of the Camonica Valley. It's situated on the border between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, and is home to the magnificent island of Monte Isola (the largest lake island in all of Europe), which hosts the Santuario della Madonna della Ceriola (the "Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ceriola"). The lake also contains 2 smaller islands: Loreto and San Paolo.


Traditions, dishes, landscapes and sports

During the summer months, this renowned tourist destination features numerous events for the entire family. Thanks to its constant winds, it has become a preferred destination for windsurfers and sailing enthusiasts alike. The towns along its shores, on the other hand, regularly host evening concerts and dances. But in addition to these sports and entertainment activities, the Lake Iseo area is also renowned for its culinary delights, even boasting a large number of exceptional oil-producing olive groves.
Its eastern shore borders on the province of Brescia, which offers numerous tourist attractions of its own, and is characterized by lush expanses of vegetation, including grapevines, orchards, olive groves and wildflowers, thus resulting in a magical and colourful landscape. The town of Iseo is the area's most popular tourism centre. When visiting the Lake Iseo area, don't miss the chance to visit Sulzano, a quaint fishing village that offers ferry connections to Monte Isola itself. 

Visit Lake Iseo and its islands with the help of a tourist guide 

Monte Isola is truly worth visiting: in fact, every visitor is advised to spend at least one day exploring this natural paradise, where time seems to stand still. Tour guides specializing in the province of Brescia regularly take their guest to the lake's three islands, perhaps including a quick stop in the historic town of Peschiera Maraglio on Monte Isola itself.

If you're looking for a comprehensive tour of the Lake Iseo area and all of its attractions, with particular focus upon the islands of San Paolo, Loreto and Monte Isola, be sure to entrust you experience to one of the province of Brescia's licensed tour guides, who are always available to help you create a unique and personalized itinerary dedicated to the discovery of this magnificent Lombard lake, perhaps even including one of the region's other famous lake environments, Lake Garda, or the numerous cultural attractions offered by city of Brescia itself.
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