Tour of native olive oils and wines

Olive oil and wine are among the two highlights representing agricultural products originating within the provinces of Verona and Brescia


Take a guided tour to wineries and producers of olive oil

The area in which I do tour guiding is especially famous for its excellent wines: in the land territories which cover the area from Verona to Lake Garda and Lake Iseo some of the most precious wines of the world are produced. Here, besides wine, often high quality native olive oil is produced as well. Of the oils produced in the area surrounding Lake Garda, which are known to be especially tasty, a few brands are listed among the most excellent olive oils of Italy. 

The Valpolicella Wines

In the countryside between lake Garda and the town of Verona a variety of vines give birth to precious red wines, those known as the wines of the Valpolicella, classified as the Valpolicella Classico, Recioto, Amarone and the Ripasso wines. Very different in taste, one from the other, their fortune and success depends on the characteristic soil which is unique as it is extremely variegated. Here it is possible to combine the wine & olive oil tour with the visit of some very old Romanesque churches and Villas together with their historical gardens. 

The Franciacorta Wines

For a discovery-tour of good olive oil and precious sparkling white wines, the area between Brescia and Lake Iseo offers the best. Ever since the 1970s in the Franciacorta area a precious wine of persistent, creamy perlage-taste has been produced. This specific characteristic taste derives from a re-fermentation within the bottle, and, exactly as is the case of champagne wines, Franciacortas are produced using Chardonnay grapes to which one may add Pinot noir and Pinot blanche. The result which is similar to a sparkling spumante wine, is in reality of much higher quality. The grapes are exclusively harvested and picked by hand and the wine undergoes a double fermentation within the bottle for two years, during which it slowly matures and ages with yeasts.

For organizing a guided tour to a winery including wine tasting, according to the areas of your interest, you may write to me and together we shall surely find an adequate solution. 

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