Guided visits to the gardens and parks in the Veneto and Lombardy

In order to discover the small territorial paradises where art and nature live as one

Parks and gardens

History and art of the Gardens in the Veneto and in Lombardy

Historical parks and gardens aren’t just areas covered by green vegetation, where it is pleasant to pass one’s time during a day of good weather according to the season of the year ... These are indeed places of green vegetation of plants and flowers that have been planted with the intent of causing emotions of admiration and surprise to the visitor. Here are two such examples:

The Giusti gardens in Verona

The Giusti gardens of Verona, which represent one of the most famous Italian gardens are a place of great emotional impact. The construction of the garden was conceived by taking advantage of the surrounding landscape, thus having a flat space at the bottom at its disposal and a terraced higher level which reaches up to the hilltop. The lower part has been typically arranged in the style of an Italian Renaissance garden where nature notoriously must adapt to the garden architecture, whereas the terraced higher level was created with the gusto of an English garden, thus leaving nature its free course. 

The Sigurtà Park in Valeggio on the river Mincio

Among the most famous historical parks, surely the Sigurtà Park in Valeggio on the river Mincio deserves mentioning. Open to the public in the year 1978, in the region of the Veneto it represents something unique of its kind. In fact it is not simply a huge park, but furthermore has 5 different flowerings in a year (tulips, irises, roses, water lilies and asters). In the year 2013 the garden park was rewarded as the Most beautiful Park of all Italy and in the year 2015 as the Second most Beautiful Park of Europe by the European Garden Award

To find out more about the gardens and parks or to know how to book a guided visit, you may write to us or give me a call. 

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