Guided tours to the sanctuaries and places of spiritual faith

Discovery of the beloved locations of spiritual faith among pilgrims

The Places of Religious Faith

Art, spiritual faith and history are a few of the aspects concerning religious tourism in the regions of the Veneto and Lombardy 

As far as Veronese religious tourism is concerned, two sanctuaries of Marian veneration ought to be mentioned, the first being that of the Corona of Spiazzi, the second that of the Frassino in Peschiera. Near Lake Garda two famous religious figures were born: in Castiglione delle Stiviere Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, the patron of Roman Catholic youth, and in the nearby town of Desenzano, Saint Angela Merici,  who founded the Ursuline order. 

The Places of veneration related to Saint Angela Merici in Desenzano del Garda 

Even though today her body lays in a church in the town of Brescia, where Angela died on 27 January 1540, her place of birth in the year 1474 was Desenzano del Garda. In this charming little town which is located on the homonymous golf, up to today it is possible to find traces leading to this important saint. 

The Places of veneration related to Saint Aloysius Gonzaga in Castiglione delle Stiviere

The right way to approach the visit of this itinerary in the context of religious tourism, is by first visiting the Basilica and Sanctuary dedicated to this saint. The building was erected in the midst of the town of the marquise Francesco Gonzaga in the year 1608. The Basilica of Saint Aloysius is richly decorated with furniture and paintings, which depict scenes from the saint’s life, as well as scenes related to other Jesuit brothers. 

The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Frassino in Peschiera del Garda

This place is an important destination of religious tourism, ever since the miraculous appearance of a statue of the virgin Mary on 11 May 1510 between the branches of a frassino or better say ash tree occurred. At every attempt of removing the statue from the tree, it first disappeared to then return back on to the ash tree’s branches. This gave way to a series of miracles to take place on the spot where soon a chapel was built, which subsequently was incorporated into a holy sanctuary. 

The Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona in Spiazzi 

The Madonna della Corona is probably the most impressive place of Italy to visit during a journey of religious tourism. This sanctuary overhanging a valley, which represents a place of religious and spiritual faith of profound visual impact, can be safely reached in our times. The sanctuary’s name, which is attributed to the crown or corona derives from the suggestion given by the steep mountain of rocks, which surround the originally inaccessible terrace and cave-like opening into which the church was built, at a height of almost 800 meters  above the valley of the Adige river. 

If you wish to combine a standard excursion of the area with a guided tour and visit of places of spiritual faith and religious tourism, you can write to me or simply give me a call.

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